Friday, December 3, 2010

Hub Friday: Showing Appreciation

It's over a week after Thanksgiving, but we wanted to share something that made us especially thankful.
It's just a little card that fell out of our wallet as we were rooting through our notebook after we left work last night. It looks like this:
What is it? We call it a Wow card, natch, and really, it's meant to help us recognize the staff members that make our clients' lives a little bit easier, and their experience at The Hub top-notch. Fill it out, it goes in a box, and we pay attention to every one.
Quite simply, it's the way we let people say thank you, because we realized something: getting to say Thank You feels just as good as having it said to you. Letting our clients tell us about something good that's happened in our offices is just as effective as letting them tell us if something ever goes wrong.
How do you show appreciation?

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