Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yoga is for Corporate Types Too!

We've all felt the stresses of a madcap day practically ruin our evenings.
The Hub has a way of relieving that tension. For the past few weeks now, our CityView and Chemical Heritage Foundation locations have been overtaken by brilliant yogis as they work to relieve busy office workers of their everyday stresses.
That's right, our friends at Deliver Me Yoga have found a key to a happy, balanced corporate life, and they're demonstrating it at The Hub.
Co-founder Alice Dommert, who worked for many years as an architect before trying out life as a yogi, said she came to the idea that yoga is a critical part of the corporate life after seeing "too many bright people who couldn't manage their thoughts. Yoga is really about turning off the workings of the mind." Making yoga accessible to corporate types, she says, is critical, since personal responsibility for health is such a basic issue, and often gets ignored in the rush of a busy day.
Corporate serenity in our CityView location makes this the perfect place to lay out yoga mats.

With that thought, she and Sarah Hill set about finding a way to introduce corporate workers to a better way of living. Her first step was finding a space that would recall corporate life, and thus evoke a level of comfort with busy executives. The Chemical Heritage Foundation space, she says, was a ringer for its thoughtful design, and our CityView space struck a chord with her for its wide-open views. "I will only do yoga in beautiful spaces," she says. "It makes a difference when you’re trying to practice yoga, because a lot of it is about the environment."
We're happy she and Sarah found us.

Alice and Sarah, left and right, respectively, are partners in a new movement to bring yoga to all stripes.

Deliver Me Yoga holds two classes a week in our facilities. Here's the class schedule for the Hub, which runs through August 11. Drop in any time for $20.
If you can't make it to one of our classes, though, Alice has two really important tips she wants to pass on to you.
  • Breathe. In through the nose, out through the mouth, three deeps breaths. "You're not chanting, you're not using Sanskrit words," she says. "You can do this in a meeting. Just take the time, every few hours, to breathe."
  • Twist. Twist to your right first, and then your left. "This is really about squeezing the internal organs, and flushing them out," says Alice. "And don't forget to breathe."

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hot summer deals--how hot are they?

Ah, summer in the city. It's one of our favorite seasons for many reasons--Center City Sips, al fresco movies, and great summer sales.
But we also love it for another more quotidian reason--we use it as a big excuse to reward our clients for being just that--great clients.
Sure, we think Christmas is great for gift-giving, and spring is the season of renaissance and flowers, but what better time to remind our clients how happy we are to have them than the season of long days, outdoor barbeques, and general good feelings?
We like incentives in our office, so to celebrate the dog days of August, we're giving an iPad to event professionals who book $6000 or more with any of our three locations. Yes, really.
And, in keeping with our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we're also offering not-for-profits a chance to discover one of our favorite Philadelphia institutions, the Chemical Heritage Foundation. For $65 per person, in the months of July and August, NFPs can get to know our facility there, and our services.
To learn more about both of these summer offers, you can call The Hub at 1.877.843.4821

How do you reward your clients?