Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rewarding Your Clients

A twitter post from @smaxbrown had us thinking.
He wrote: "What if we spent more time building people up?"
That was it. But we spent a good long time thinking about it.
We spent a good long time being grateful for the many ways that we do build our employees up. After all, we give them autonomy to do their work, allowing them opportunities for growth (a good number of our employees start as interns and work their ways into other, more permanent positions), and giving each other and our clients ample ways to suggest room for improvement and to thank each other.
But there's a piece of the equation that service providers sometimes ignore. In this industry, we thank our clients in many different ways. We're in touch with them every step of the way, we make sure to treat the process with respect, we ensure we do as much as we can to meet their every need and anticipate their every want. But what do we do to show them that we appreciate them? In what ways can we reward them for their business?
We decided that the best option was a reward program. Now, clients of The Hub can earn points based on the events they plan with us. And if they want, instead of spending their points on the great products we have in the gift catalog, they can also donate their points to The Hub's chosen not-for-profit, ShelterBox USA.
There are many different ways to show someone you appreciate them. But in some ways, the best way is to let them decide how they'd like to be rewarded. We want our clients to not only be compelled to work with us because we're technologically advanced, green, and eminently capable of producing great meetings. We want them to work with us because they want to. And because they feel rewarded for doing so.
For more information about the My Hub Rewards program, go to, or call 1.877.TheHub1