Friday, July 2, 2010

Why you should leave your office

We don't mean that you should up and quit. We just think you might need a change of pace. A change of scenery, really.
Consider the traditional staff retreat. Why do companies have them? They say an off-campus retreat can build staff morale; encourage truer interactions between staff members; give everyone a little break.
We believe that. Heck, we're in the business of providing a change of scenery. Consider the following:
  • Your everyday office is familiar to you. And that's nice, but it can also be boring. Hardly inspiring, staring at the same old walls every day.
  • Your everyday office has a ton of distractions in it: Your office mates; your telephone; your inbox.
  • Planning a meeting in your office is a lot like hosting a party. There are ton of unrelated things you have to consider, often in short time-frame.
Our solution is pretty obvious.
  • Leave the office. Come stare at some of someone else's art, or at least at someone else's walls instead of yours.
  • Leave the distractions. Work alone or have an off-site meeting (a mini staff retreat!).
  • Don't work at all: Plan a day at home; take a day to rejuvenate. They're called "personal days" for a reason. Use them.
  • Let someone else do the planning for you.
Taking yourself out of your normal environs can have a remarkable effect. Just try it; we promise you'll at least feel different, and that's worth a lot.

What's that? You say you simply must have meetings in the office? In that case, we highly recommend you take a look at this great post, from BlackRimGlasses, on how to avoid what he calls The Vampire Meeting. Yes, yes, named so because they suck the creative life out of you.

Do your meetings feel like they siphon the lifeblood from you? Maybe it's time for another way.

When you book a meeting or a room at The Hub, we provide all-inclusive options that include meals or refreshments. And hey. Did we mention that most of our rooms are designed for you to make the most of them? Did we mention that our staff is expertly trained to ensure that we deliver what you need to make yours the most productive meeting possible? Come take a look.

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