Monday, June 11, 2012

Fun Makes the World Go 'Round

Oh, what does having fun at work really mean, anyhow? We've heard of people who play tag at work; companies who allow their workers to take a day off when the surf is up; people who play soccer at lunch, even Casual Friday being touted as "fun."
But really, these people aren't really having fun at work. That is, their work isn't actively pushing the idea of fun. And the "fun" they're prescribing is designed to let people take a break from work, in the hopes that it'll improve productivity. 
But no one ever addresses the idea that your work should be fun. You should love it so much that you can't wait to come to work. 
Some conferences are like that, aren't they? You can't wait to meet new people, or learn things that will help you in your work life, things that will help you to grow as a professional. And yet, conferences are definitely work, and we think we've hit upon the right formula to make sure that you have fun while working. 
Our answer is The Fun Dept. They're a group working to make sure meetings, conferences, and every day at work is fun. We've partnered with them to provide a select menu of offerings that allow event planners everywhere to help attendees get the most out of conferences. 
Because when someone gets asked, "Oh! How was your conference this week?" You want the answer to be, "Oh, man. It was SO MUCH FUN." Read on. (Click to make the images full-size.) And let us know if you have questions, either by calling the number listed or e-mailing us, or letting us know in the comments. 

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