Friday, February 11, 2011

Hub Friday: What are your Keystones?

One of our rooms in our CityView location is called the Keystone Room. Why? Well, Philadelphia is sometimes called the Keystone state, sure, but what's that mean, really?
A keystone is the critical piece in an arch that holds the weight of the entire structure, allowing it to stay strong and up.

Pennsylvania's nickname dates back to the early 1800s, partially because Independence Hall is where the delegates to sign the Declaration of Independence; partially because of its central location in the 13 original colonies. It's a clear indication of the state's importance.
So yeah, we named the Keystone room for Pennsylvania. But we also named it for some other keystones: Our employees.
Recently, The Hub had its 4th Quarter Outing and Awards ceremony. We use these outings (they happen four times a year, natch) to celebrate our employees, who are our real keystones. We spend our time enjoying each other's company, and we make sure our Stars of the Quarter and of the Year get their just rewards.
This quarter, our awardees are Star of the Quarter Stephanie Koch, who's our new Sales Director. Our star of the year is Serena Butler.
Star of the Quarter Stephanie Koch

Star of the Year Serena Butler

These employees are true exemplars of our staff. But each and every member of the Hub staff is a keystone in and of his or her own right.
How do you recognize your keystones?
For more photos from our 4th Quarter Outing (it was a blast!) click here, and like our Facebook page!

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