Friday, January 21, 2011

Hub Friday: Core Values

Brrr. It's so cold outside that we want to hunker down under a big down comforter with a detective novel and cup of tea and not move for a couple of weeks. At least until the temps climb into the upper 40s, anyway.
Hub Friday today is about our first core value, "Never Give Up."
We think winter, with its never-ending adversity and short, dark days, is a good time to explore this value. What does it mean to us as a conference facility and as event planners?
  • There's always a solution. If a problem pops up, we don't stop looking at it from all different angles until we find a way to solve it.
  • Stay positive. Because we know there must be a solution somewhere, we don't consider letting ourselves wallow too much when a hitch pops up. We think it's wasted energy.
  • Team effort wins every time. We lean on our co-workers, our extensive collective knowledge, and good company spirit to do find the solution.
What does this core value mean to you?

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