Friday, August 27, 2010

Hub Day: Continuing Education Continues to Make You Smarter

We're serious fans of continuing education, whether it be degree-based or just because you want to be the best you can possibly be.
Towards that end, we're working with Penn State Great Valley to make it easy for working professionals to forward their careers with certification or continuing education in several different fields.
Our kickoff event, in June, was just the beginning of a great relationship that will bring great classes in project management, business writing, and presentation skills to busy professionals. All classes will be held at The Hub's Cira Centre location.

Stephanie Koch, The Hub's business development manager, says that a continuing education system is first on the list of our goals for the coming years. She notes that over 60,000 come through the Hub's doors every year. "These people might all be able to gain from continuing education. The idea is to create a Hub educational experience," she says.
That kind of vision is something we know we share with every higher education institution. Why not experience your higher education in style?
For more information on the Penn State Greater Valley continuing education classes, click here.

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