Monday, August 9, 2010

EcoMonday: Water, water...nowhere?

We just heard a nasty report from the Natural Resources Defense Council that says that more than a third of all counties in the U.S. face higher risks of water shortage by the year 2050.
Well, that's really not good. But the good news is, 2050 is a little way away. And we can all do a little something to conserve.
At every Hub facility, we've installed water-conserving plumbing that allows us to save almost 100,000 gallons a year of water that would otherwise go down the drain.
We use things like variable-flush toilets that allow us to choose whether we want a big flush or a little flush.

The lowly toilet can be a noble ally when you're looking to save water.

Not all of us can re-install the plumbing in our homes to be more efficient, or even get all new toilets. You can be better about your water usage at home and in smaller offices by placing a brick or a gallon jug filled with water into the tank of your toilet: That will change the amount of water normally needed to flush the toilet, and your tank will be more efficient.

You can also get a low-flow showerhead. Traditional showerheads will fill a gallon container of water in about 10 seconds. You want a showerhead that delivers good pressure at the rate of 2.4 gallons per minute (it'll take about 25 seconds to fill a gallon container). With a good showerhead, you won't notice the difference.

In other areas of your home, you can make simple adjustments like not running the tap while you do the dishes, or decreasing your use of the in-sink erator. Outside in the garden, you can use rainwater to water your plants, and set out a container for collecting water that you can use to water your plants later.
What are your favorite tips for conserving water at home or in the office?

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