Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A new facility in which to grow

Philadelphia, PA--If  “collaboration” is the latest concept in high-efficiency meetings, then Philadelphia event-planning facility The Hub is the place to execute the concept.
In April, The Hub will open its latest space, “The Hub Commerce Square.” In keeping with the much-lauded community feel of the location, and with developer Thomas Properties’ desire to position the square as a destination, The Hub Commerce Square’s presence will bolster the neighborhood as an exciting choice for business visitors and residents alike.
The Hub Commerce Square rotates around an idea that has long driven the Hub’s meeting planning service: “Meet. Collaborate. Grow.” The 24,000 square-foot space is divided into areas that reflect the sensitivity of each of these important aspects of any event process. Bill Decker, President of The Hub, said, “[Commerce Square] is kind of a big facility, and we want people to find their way through it. So the different spaces are built to represent opportunities to do each of those things.”
To that extent, “Grow,” is planned to be germane to networking events as well as speaking events that are food- and beverage-oriented. It underscores the necessity of nature in the inspiration process, and looks out over the internal courtyard of Commerce Square, long heralded as a jewel in Philadephia’s Center City area.

The “Collaborate” area of The Hub Commerce Square includes the Apollo amphitheater, named after one of the most famous collaborations of all time, the Apollo space mission.
“Meet” comprises the remainder of space, as the most sociological part of the equation that makes up any business process. Smaller rooms make for more intimate gatherings and more efficient workspace.
Tours of The Hub Commerce Square are available now. Call The Hub headquarters at (877) 843 4821.
Since 2004, The Hub has been a key provider of meeting planning services and facilities. Its CityView and Cira Centre are leaders in sustainability, green practices, and corporate social responsibility. In 2010 The Hub was named to Inc. Magazine’s 500 list, the publication’s annual list of the fastest-growing companies in the United States.

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