Monday, June 14, 2010

EcoMonday: Think Globally, Act Locally

Good morning! And thanks for visiting. We're excited to introduce our twice-weekly blog, in which we endeavor to let you know what's on our minds, in the hopes that it'll help you to be the most productive you can possibly be. And yes, OK, we'd like for you to get to know The Hub, as well.
Mondays at The Hub's blog are dedicated to something super close to our hearts: The environment. We take stewardship of our environment just as seriously as we take your productivity and the planning of your meetings.
This week, we'll explore local sourcing and how it helps us to maintain our standards.

The Hub purchases locally as much as we can. To quote from our environmental sourcing edict, we buy from sources within 500 miles of our offices.

We do this for a number of different reasons. First, we want to support our neighbors and the companies that boost our local economy. We're a local business too, although we cater to many national companies. Buying locally means that our local employment rate stays healthy, that there's plenty of choice and diversity in our local economy, and that the money that's made in Philadelphia stays here.

Second, we want to limit our carbon footprint. (This is something we'll explore in-depth in a later post.) Essentially, it means that we want to make sure that as little fossil fuel as possible is spilled over getting our goods to us.

Third, we want to make sure we know our community and support it. It's a bit of a nebulous concept, but think of it this way: We'd like to think that every one of our local vendors knows who we are, and that they can depend on us. We hope they feel the same.

Here's a brief list of some of the companies we work with. They're all local, or have local warehouses or distribution points (denoted by an asterisk).

La Colombe Torrefaction coffee
W.B. Mason Office Supplies*
Chaddsford Winery
Sysco Food Distribution*
STARR Restaurants

Big, warm thanks to our partners. We're proud to work with you!

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